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Welcome SUSTOMi!!!

We are so excited to have SUSTOMi join us at Millie & Maxwell,
founded in 2016 Sustomi is focused towards a Low waste and low tox planet
and i personally think it's the way forward.

we currently stock a variety of their Bees wax wraps, stainless steel straws, produce bags and bread bags with new stock coming very soon!!

All SUSTOMi products are:

100% reusable for decades or 100% biodegradable
Replace a single-use plastic item
Do no harm to health
Promote a lifestyle of healthy eating

i have used their products and can say there shall be no turning back for me!
The Wax Wraps will last up to 12 months and i have decided that drinking with a stainless steel straw even makes a drink taste more refreshing (and cooler in summer)
As for the bags, well we all have to take our own bags to the shops so why not be ones that are good for the environment AS WELL as being super styish!

Cant wait to see what the SUSTOMi team bring out next!!

Love and Peace, T. xx

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