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Handmade Art From The Ocean

Handmade Art From The Ocean
For well over 15 years my Mum has had an absolutely Massive collection of Shells and Coral that she collected whilst walking along the beach where i grew up, all washed and and boxed in their specific shape and colour which can i just say has been an absolute blessing when i decided i wanted to create something out of them and here we are with a large range of wall hangings made from all natural Shells, Coral and Wood.
I started creating the wall hangings with string and wood, the largest i have made is well over a metre long and they are so beautiful to look at and make such a nice relaxing sound when a breeze hits them.
Each piece is a One of a kind work of art that would be impossible even for me to recreate as no one shell is the same, which i think makes each one that little more special.
You can find all of my creations online under> Handmade Shell Art
and remember you wont find the same one twice!
Love and Peace , T. xx

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